That which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space.         
-Kahil Gibran

Lisa: Transpersonal Counsellor, Shamanic Practitioner, Yogini & Keeper of Sacred Space.

I dreamed of a place where people could gather to heal, to share, to still. This is how it has manifested. Welcome.

My passion is healing and potentiality. The infinite nature of it all inspires me. Maybe its because it can’t be boxed in, I have never liked boxes and labels...

The  last 20 and more years, I have devoted myself  to its exploration,  a healing journey that has taken me into timeless and wordless depths; Into spaces both precious and excruciating ; shaking me up like a wild wind, calling me to wake up to the preciousness of now, to drop the numbness, to walk in the moment with every fibre of my being raw with life, to release the shackles that tied me down and to enter the sweet surrender of the mysterious unknown. Its a journey thats been messy, exquisite, real and most of all ALIVE. Its also been a journey that I could not have done without the quiet wisdom of those that bore witness and guided my pathway.

It is the gifts and  insights that I was blessed to receive during this journey that I would now like to share with you. Whether in a healing touch, a gathering of hearts meeting around a welcoming fire, a ritual celebration birthed from the fiery arms of living, or simply the silent grace of a listening ear,  like you,  I am found in the mystery  of Be-ing, in the untidy business of living and in the deep connection that comes with relating. This is the place my heart calls me to time and time again.

Let us meet there.

With love x

CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling 

Warrior in The Heart Shamanic Practitioner

Sattva Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs

Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Certificate

Foundation Certificate in Somatic Embodiment

JOYW 13 week Mentor Training Certificate in Mentoring Young Girls

Cross Cultural Solutions Overseas Volunteer in Empowering Women

IIST Health and Fitness Teachers Diploma

Usui Reiki  Master Practitioner

National Federation of Spiritual Healing Levels 1,2,3

11HHT Diploma In Reflexology 

11HHT Body Massage Diploma 

IIHHT Indian Head Massage Diploma

SNHS Diploma in Colour Therapy

                 Oliver: Musician, Healing through sound & Creativity

From the first guitar that I made from a plank of wood that bought a childlike sense of wonder to the world of sound, I have moved through melody and mystery searching to express myself within the infinite creation of music and woodcraft. Each sound seemed to emerge as a unique expression of a story wanting to be heard. Each creation hinted at something so much more.

I invite you into this soulful expression of sound. Opening a space for a experiential and joyous celebration that does not call for musical experience but rather encourages you to come with a sense of childlike wonder so that you may hear the sounds of your own mystery ring out into the universe.

                      ‘An invitation to peace through sound, silence & creation’.

                                                     Oliver and Lisa

The gatherings provide an opportunity for us to unite our passions, we kind of like that! We get to share precious time with you, to engage with nature, to explore, to open ourselves to the great mystery, to find space whether through word, movement, silence, stillness, creativity or music that celebrates the sacredness of existence,  a space to be fully present to the magic whispers of soul incarnated into Be-ing. Words cannot capture the specialness of these times and we are eternally grateful for all those that come to share it with us x

                                                            Namaste x

        Chat to Lisa on 07790 552293 or Email: speak2lisa@hotmail.com                                         

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