Transpersonal Counselling

       The Spirit of the Medicine Ways

 “Lisa is uniquely talented, she is able to laser beam her intuition onto the core of your heart and soul, enabling you to deeply connect with your real self. In her groups and workshops she is able to hold the space for many people while being so present that she is able to make each individual feel attended to as though they are the most special person in the room. If you get an opportunity to work with Lisa, you are blessed.”

Life throws up so many questions as it weaves and turns; sometimes throwing us to the rocks, leaving us battered and weary. ‘What now’? we cry. Our ancestors seemed to intrinsically know the healing power that came from the telling of story, much of their wisdom guiding us to walk this pathway of self examination. Counsel  has always been sought as a route through troubling times, an opening which allowed the viewer the ability to access a deeper understanding into the mysteries of their being and as a result move forward with a clearer and wiser vision.

                                                   A COUNSELLING SESSION
There are many preconceptions about counselling. It can be said that there is no such thing as a typical counselling session. Its as varied and intricate as we are. Maybe the biggest preconception is that counselling is advice giving and will tell you what to do.

I will not seek to give answers that I know given the right space and time you have within your self although I may guide you to access them. I will open up a safe space, a sanctuary, so you can access your own inner knowing  and learn to listen and trust in its guidance. This is a skill that is often lost very early on in life for many of us, and our time together will be an opportunity in which to relearn this essential and instinctual response to both your inner and outer world.  When you are able to re-engage and trust once more in this intrinsic aspect of yourself you walk with an inner guide that enables you to make decisions that are both supportive and empowering.

You may already feel that you have been subject to so much advice and opinion that it has only served to confuse you further leaving everything unclear and overwhelming.  Space can be the greatest gift we can give ourselves at this time. It is for this reason that I offer a short visualisation/ meditation at the start of each session to enable you to engage fully with your own personal experience and step out of your everyday distractions.  This can become a valuable tool that once learnt can be incorporated into your everyday life to support you in accessing a peaceful place within.

I work very intuitively, engaging with the energy of our relationship and will encourage you with a variety of methods to aid you in accessing your deeper self. This may be through intuitive processes, body awareness, sound, journeying, nature, creative expression as well as talking therapy.


Our time together, is offered on a one to one basis,  either open ended or for an agreed period of time. I am a qualified counsellor and a member of BACP [British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy] and work to their code of ethics to ensure a safe and confidential space.

I have experience of working with a wide range of issues including Bereavement,            Relationship difficulties, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Rape, Trauma, Depression, PTSD and Domestic Abuse. I also work with those who wish to spend time exploring their personal dreams, visions and goals and identifying what beliefs and issues may be undermining their fulfillment.

I offer an initial 50 minute consultation at a reduced fee of £15 for us to meet and discuss your needs. Online counselling is also available via skype. Please Email for further details.

                          SESSIONS ARE ON AN HOURLY BASIS £35.00
           CONTACT LISA ON 07790 552293/EMAIL

                                   You can also find me on the Counsellors Directory at

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