Tibetan Sound Bowl Meditation 2016

Today I had the most magical of healings. In 30 years of experiencing holistic healings this was simply the best. It ranks alongside sweatlodge and skinny dipping at dawn in a cold Dartmoor river. Thankyou my beautiful and magical friend  for the gift of magical sound healing and for the divine peace it bought. I highly recommend this to anyone.


Healing Ceremony 2016

A very sincere thankyou for your wisdom, supportiveness and incredible wise woman energy. What an incredible morning we shared. I just feel really solid in myself. Our session was literally like opening a door and walking through into a new healthier, more whole consciousness. 

- Elizabeth

Gathering of the Heart - Ancestral Healing Retreat 2015

After looking forward to this for a year, I arrived not knowing who I was going to meet or what I was going to do or experience. Where do I start?  What a truly amazing place, the cottage, the yurt, the garden, the moors, the mountains, the stone circle. all so breathtakingly beautiful and magical.

That deep breath out when you know you have arrived somewhere where you truly belong.

Meeting everyone and finding after a couple of days they have become so closely entwined in your visions and space, that they become your family, was both comforting and inspiring at the same time.

Lisa enabled us to find that ancestral connection and bring it into our present lives, with such emotions of joy and belonging that would never have seemed possible before I arrived.

A weekend of laughing, sitting by the fire and drumming, eating great food, listening to each others hopes and excitement for the future, walking the moors and breathing the damp, peaty earth smell, woodsmoke and looking at Autumn through different eyes, and finally not only finding yourself but driving away feeling that you are leaving a different person, a person who knows so much more and is ready to step out into the great unknown stronger and a little bit wiser than before.  Thank you beautiful lady for welcoming me into the arms of the mountain family.

-Anne Holbrook

Transpersonal Counselling 2014

“You know you're at the threshold when loose feelings brush past you like whispers and dreams beckon only to disappear. I opened my eyes for the first time and shut them, something eludes me.

8 weeks later I saw a great river in front of me and the only way across was to turn back.   A book appeared. Inner Child Therapy. This is what I need to do now, please send someone for me, I am ready.

There's a lot of love in the world and some of its for me.

I told Lisa that I had seen myself as a child in rags and that I needed to go back and gather her in my arms.

I wrote this for Lisa Woods after we closed our work,

A million stars have passed overhead, thank you for watching over me. For guiding my tears into a singing stream and for walking my shaking soul home. Thank you for being there at the dawn.

And so it was and so it is. I'm an adult survivor of sexual abuse. But fear not gentle reader, through my journey with this gracious lady, I found the beginning of my freedom.”


Sat-in- Circle 2014

“Dear Lisa, last night was inspiring.. somehow you magic the most beautiful mosaic of art that stimulates every sense in my body with your soulful creativity . You lay it bare for us to take &  interpret.....and you do it with such tenderness and love. Thankyou. “

- Rachel Coleman                          

Blessingway Ceremony 2014

Lisa I don’t know how to thank you. I am totally blown away by today. I dont think I have ever had a comparable experience. Every woman should have the experience that I had today. I am so blesssed, I may spend the evening crying in gratitude.”

-Kym Netherton

Gathering of the Heart Sacred Thresholds 2013

“As soon as you arrive at the setting for the Gatherings Weekend, you know you have come home. The cottages and yurt are surrounded by the most beautiful countryside, full of ancient history and sacredness. I was greeted by the calling of Red Kites and the power of the land around me.

The weekend gave me the chance to really be me, to hold that place in my heart that was truth and acceptance. I was allowed freedom to express myself, deepening connections with myself, my own knowledge and power and the rest of the group; the  weekend was emotionally liberating, bringing together a harmonious rejoicing of each others souls, supporting and nurturing. I have found new friends who will always hold a special place in my heart.


The woven bonds of friendship

Everlasting threads of love

Gentle hands of nurturing compassion

Unity of spirit

 The sacredness of journeying souls

Gatherings of heart song

Melodious laughter of oneness

Walking in beauty together


I felt so valued as a member of the group, and didn't want to leave. It was very magical and humbling to be part of such a beautiful gathering.

Thank you Lisa and Oliver, your compassion and loving, guiding support was truly heartfelt.

I will be back next year <3 “

Jo Cooper

Gathering of the Heart Sacred Thresholds 2013

“Having never attended anything Shamanic before I had no real expectations... I had no idea of what was in store...

The whole weekend was pure magic!  The location, the cottage and the content of the workshop, I should call it 'Dreamshop', though it was way beyond my dreams.

I left there, though part of me will always be there, feeling connected in so many ways. All that I experienced on my first Sacred Thresholds weekend, will stay with me forever... I am so looking forward to the next one.”

Angela Jones

Soul Retrieval Healing 2012

“I felt very honoured to receive a Shamanic Healing from Lisa, as not only is she a powerful medicine woman, but has a heart so pure. Receiving my healing, my life started changing for the better. Negative patterns I kept repeating stopped. I even found my soulmate.”


Natural Wisdom Workshop 2013

"Thank you Lisa for a very peaceful day of self-exploration & creativity in the cosy "Woodlands Village Hall" with the idyllic setting of nature all around. I loved the spirit walk in nature. A question I had in mind before the walk was answered instantly when I found a special spot which held great significance & meaning for me in the wild woods of East Woodland. You held such a joyful & comforting space.....a lovely day."



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