No space to deny her

for she breaths

the same air as me.

Her tears watered

seeds of my own creation,

Her heartbeat the rhythm

that calls me to dance.

This is a space for woman, for girl, for she who dreams. Somewhere she comes to surrender, to nurture, to honour, to heal, to fall in raptures unto her own feminine heart. A meeting place called from the very bones of what it is to be Feminine.

Bring your dreaming, your stories, your silence, your vision, your rhythm, your rituals, your voice...

The monthly lodge that will be on or around the full moon to honour her fullness...

DREAM LODGE DATES  2018: Tuesday 2nd Jan, Wednesday 31st Jan,  Friday 2nd March, Saturday 31st March, Monday 30th April, Tuesday 29th May, Thursday 28th June, Friday 27th July, Sunday 26th August, Tuesday 25th September, Wednesday 24th October, Friday 23rd November, Saturday 22nd December.

TIMES: 6.45pm-9.30pm 

COST: £10.00

LOCATION: Frome, Somerset

Journey of The Moon Woman...

“ she enters her resting place her head drops to the soft cushions , her arrival blanketed as she slowly surrenders, entering the quiet sanctuary of her being, the meeting place of her heart’s unfolding, her dreaming place. There she stills, emerging only to the sounds of her own dance, her own mysteries, her own divinity, those sweet whispers of soul.

For more details TEL: Lisa on 07790 552293

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