Rituals & Ceremony


We are the cloak and the cloaked

We are the fertile grounds of healing

We are the one who is resting

and the one who is rested

We are dreamer, dreamt and dreaming

We are the one awake in the long deep sleep

We are the woven weavers weaving

We are that which she is calling

We are seeker, sought and seeing.



Shamanism is a spiritual practice as old as time, born from a living engagement with all of existence, a glorious dance through consciousness supported by the guiding hands of spirit. A journey between human and spirit realms.

The Shaman traditionally serves the village as spiritual counsellor and healer although they may well serve many additional roles alongside. Modern day shamanic practitioners bring the wisdom of these traditions to today serving their community in the best ways they can.

It is not hard to see how Shamanism has captured the imagination of the West with its many teachings. Arguments have arisen as to authenticity, origins and belonging but at the heart of Shamanism is the inter-relationship of all creation with the Divine.

To the starved grounds it is like precious waters.



Once upon a time a lifetime was honoured, its many passages held in timeless rites that bought beauty to challenge, value to hardship, worth to growth, honour to life.

These times became lost amidst a veil of power and greed, endless treadmills of worthlessness born out, where man fought man in search of more, where life stripped of value left the Birth-Makers as little more than commodities, many abused, cutdown and polluted. Children shaped out of what they saw.

As the spinning wheels of time spun out, echoes were heard by those silent enough to hear of those long ago times where power was in that which moved  this vast and abundant universe, where beauty wasn’t something to be captured and owned but rather lived and witnessed.... and so it came to be that these times were dreamt of again and beautiful ceremonies and rituals filled the land and hearts of the people and from this space they grew in love.


Ceremonies and Rituals are guided by spirit to honour the growth and transitions of the individual, the couple, the community. They are sprung from a stream of love. May they be all you dream them to be.

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