Day Retreats

When unveiling calls the dweller to enter her own temple,

May she recognize the Doorkeeper.


Do you ever tire of the shallow waters that have you floating through life with barely time to touch the riches of your own deepening?

Does something forever call you to drop into the hidden temples and mysteries within your own being?

Do you long for the sanctuary of stillness so you may hear your own calling?

For you. For me. For all the times we wished for a space just like this one. x

A day for inner reflection. A place to still,  to silence, to reflect, to craft.  A yurt. A cottage garden.  A sanctuary.  A refuge from a busy world.

Sanctuary’  arises from the latin root word, sanctus, meaning holy. That which is SACRED. A sacred space. A place of refuge. Something that lives within us all. This is merely a space to remember....


                                 Refreshments and nibbles provided.

                                      Held throughout the year.  £50

Tel Lisa on 07790 552293 for dates